fields of work

fields of work



Electronics is the backbone of EDM. With our growing experience and expertise, we work to make systems more intelligent, automated and efficient.  Everyday we are adding know-how to our competences so we can bring you the best and most up to date solutions. 

We are experienced in the following areas

  • Digital
  • MCU, CPU
  • Firmware
  • Sensors
  • Power Supplies
  • High Speed
  • RFT/Telecom
  • Power
  • Lightning
  • Schematics/PCB Layout


Each project is guided by parameters with a strong design foundation. Focus on functionality and interaction allow us to build commercially appealing products and services that just work.

We are experienced in the following areas

  • Design and prototyping
  • WEB platforms development and implementation
  • UX Design
  • UI Design


Our expertise in Mechanical Engineering allows us to both design and build the parts you need for your project as well as create better integration between electronic systems and component, and mechanical parts.

We are experienced in the following areas

  • Project and design of mechanical systems
  • 3D modelling and prototyping
  • Structural analysis

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Fields of work

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