case studies

case studies


Project 01_

Bike Sharing Systems

Servicing over half million people this service installed in Lisbon is composed of over 100 Parks, each with a Totem and up to 40 docks, and conventional or electrical bikes. EDM has developed and produces the bike batteries as well as all of the system’s electronics, including bikes, dock and totems. This system manages battery charging, docks and bikes availability and comunication.  

Bikes and docks availability and transfer requirements are comunicated via WEB. EDM also provides the option of implementing a mobile app  able to unlock bikes via bluethooth technology and user login. This app can be integrated with other client’s web based services and randed according with the client’s needs. EDM also provides the option of unlocking bikes with RFID cards.

The systems controls and communicates battery charging. O sistema controla e comunica a carga e o carregamento das baterias. Pode desbloquear as bicicletas por app ou RFID.

It allows the user to unlock and return the bike at any park. The system is prepared to handle thousands of bikes thanks to its modular solution and achitecture.

The app developed by EDM allows the user to not only locate parks, but also check for docking spaces, batery charge status and feedback.

Project 02_

Self-sufficient IW Automatic Taps

Self-sufficient taps that do not require batteries or connection to the electrical grid. The economic benefits of a simpler installation come together for a clean solution for the environement.

EDM designed, developed and built these revolutionary taps, respecting and solving a challenging and inspirational briefing.

The system created for Intelligent Water uses the waterflow to generate the necessary energy for the sensor to work.

The IW sensor uses less energy and is smaller, allowing for the slimmest automatic tap in the market.

The combination between the innovative sensor and an intelligent energy management allows for the taps to be free of wiring or batteries. 

Project 03_

Access Control System

The system was developed to control access to certain rooms. It is used mainly in labs and is communicates with a central unit that can manage permissions.

It can allow for only one door at a time to be opened in a specific room, as is the case for sterilization chambers. They can also be set to only unlock after a specific period of time.


In this example, only the door to the antechamber can be unlocked form the outside. It is only after sterilization (with both doors locked) that the door to the Lab can be opened.

The modules are installed on the wall and interface via two LEDs and a capacitive button. The wiring was also minimized to cut costs, in comparison with previous solutions.

The back of the interface module show us a sleek and simple design and its front facing surface is discreet and easy to clean.

Project 04_

Audiometric System for TV viewership Analytics

The audiometric system developed by EDM tries to solve sound captation problems from current systems that track tv viewership shares by gathering data from participaing families. 

This solution aims to eliminate the current audio captation and processing system, as well as simplifying the wiring which has been proven to discourage families from participating in the process due to its cumbersome setup.

The diference in setup is quite obvious in this before/after comparison. The wireless solution allows for a cleaner and easier setup at each home.

Bluetooth is used for communication when audio (A2DP) and data are tansfered.  We also developed and built a sensor to track on/off TV status.

PCMCIA is powered through the TV, resulting in less wiring and easier installation.

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